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We understand.

A FUNERAL a unique opportunity to celebrate a life, the memories we have, the values instilled, and accomplishments. The service also serves an important part of the grieving process. Certainly there is no typical service. Everyone has their own special desires, customs, and traditions. We are committed to helping you create a meaningful service which is right for you and your family. The Funeral Home is dedicated to assist you in choosing the essentials that are right for you. No matter your situation, we are here to help you..
We offer a wide range of services, and we will listen to your desires when arranging a funeral, and will offer a our understanding of what the funeral will be, before you leave the arrangements. We strive for your peacefulness and satisfaction. We feel that will be the case when you have the opportunity to choose exactly the type of services you prefer while meeting your needs and budget.

Service Options
The most popular option is a public wake or visitation the following day with a funeral ceremony from the funeral home or the church followed by a procession to the cemetery. We encourage families to bring pictures and memorabilia to the funeral home for display during the wake and funeral. Also, families can choose to bring in light refreshments during the calling hours

for example, a wake on any day, starting at 4 p.m., and ending at 8 p.m., the funeral starts the following day at the funeral home at 9 a.m., and then a procession to the church for a funeral ceremony at 10 a.m., following the funeral ceremony there is a procession from the ceremony location to the cemetery, this is just one example.


Itemized Goods and Services

Prior to any discussion of a funeral federal regulations demand funeral professionals make disclosures, some folks are surprised when they are handed a price list shortly after coming in the doorway, funeral homes can receive a fine and suspension for not providing written prices lists, so please take no offence to our adhering to regulations. You will receive an itemized listing of all charges during the arrangement conference, enabling you to be sure you did not go over or under board.

Cremation Service Options

Several options are available for those who prefer cremation. Most often complete funeral service with cremation replacing burial; there are as many options with cremation as there is with burial. However many do not plan on our asking what do we do with the cremated remains, most popular is to bury the ashes in the family grave, scatter them at sea or take them back home with you. Whilst we only cover the general types of cremation services, your choices will be engineered to fit exactly into the funeral plan. There can be many options within options available to provide a meaningful service

Donation To A Medical Facility Service Options

Donation to a medical facility refers to an individual who chooses to ultimately gift their body to a medical facility for scientific research. Several options are available for those who chose donation to a medical facility. A few of these options include a complete funeral service with donation replacing burial; immediate donation with a memorial service of remembrance; and finally, immediate burial with no services. While these only cover the general types of donation services, your choices are not required to fit exactly into any particular category. As with cremation, there are literally options within options available to provide a meaningful service of remembrance.

Green Burial Options

In our section of the United States most cemeteries do not accept green burials, a green burial usually consists of a wooden casket buried with no cement receptacle enabling remains to go back to nature more quickly, green burial. Usually there is no preservation of the body, some parts of the country the body is buried with no casket or cement receptacle.

Not available here nor in most areas of the United States, this Eco-friendly alternative to burial and cremation using a water based natural process. Resomation is an environmentally responsible, flame less, water based "bio cremation" process which sympathetically returns the body to its constituent elements. It utilizes and advances a naturally occurring alkaline hydrolysis reaction to rapidly "Bio-cremate" the body leaving behind a pure white bone ash which can be returned to loved ones. The overall process is "patent applied."

Alkaline Hydrolysis takes place in the natural environment when bodies are buried in a shallow grave in the soil. Here, although the reaction is propagated by soil bacteria, the process is slow taking sometimes years to complete. Resomation greatly speeds up the process using an alkali/water mixture and a temperature of around 170 Celsius.